MediJoint Pain is a safe, all-natural, proven effective way to relieve joint pain. But your patients may not realize that there are also some simple things they can do to complement their therapy -- and get them on the road to feeling better that much sooner.

Here's a quick overview of tips that you can share with them:

Regular exercise
Exercise can be very helpful for people with joint pain because it strengthens the muscles surrounding joints, taking some of the pressure off them. Encourage your patients to gradually incorporate low-impact activities like walking or swimming into their routine.

Maintaining a healthy weight
Being overweight (sometimes only by a little) can stress joints and lead to pain. Discuss the importance of a healthy diet with your patients and help them commit to making some changes now.

Heat or ice packs
When joints are particularly sore, heat or ice can be soothing. Remind your patient to apply the pack for short periods of time, checking the skin underneath regularly to make sure that it is not too cold or too hot.

Alternative therapies
Many people find relief from joint pain at their local physiotherapist, chiropractor, massage therapist or acupuncturist. Broach the subject with your patient to see if he or she is open to the idea of alternative therapies.

Stress reduction
Managing pain can take a toll on your patient. To help them keep their stress levels down, make sure they understand the importance of exercising, eating right, getting enough sleep and learning to relax.